The European Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon

BNC was once again involved in the successful completion of the European Song Contest this year, which took place in Lisbon.
In cooperation with the Belgian production company Videohouse, we were able to ensure a smooth operation of the entire recording as well as the complex content management.

A total of 4x XT [3] EVS servers, each operated in 4IN / 4OUT configuration, 4x IPDirector workstations, 2x XFile3 archive stations and 2x XTAccess render engines were deployed.

In total, two identically constructed OB vans (Videohouse OB One / OB Two), a TOC (Technical Operation Center) and two viewing rooms for the delegations of the individual participating countries, had to be looked after and promptly supplied with the desired content. After each rehearsal of each country the performance got immediately analyzed by all trades (light / sound / stage / camera) so that corrections could be determined if needed.
Furthermore, a platform based on cloud storage was set up, which was automatically filled directly from the EVS production system with .mp4 H264 files of every single performance. Thanks to secure access, all artists and delegations outside of the venue were able to constantly access their performance and bring in new ideas.
Another task was to ensure a playout backup system in the event of a major technical problem, which, however, did not have to be used.