SAP TechED 2021

Just like last year, we were asked by PRG / SAP to take over the feed and content management of the numerous contributions and graphic elements.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there was no presence event, instead, as last year, it was an impressive XR setup in which “living spaces” were created that served as a moderation hub. From there, the moderation teams held talks with SAP experts and guided through the training program, which lasted 48 hours.

Due to this long broadcasting distance, all positions in production (EVS, image mixing, sound, graphics, unreal engine, direction etc …) were occupied in several shifts in order to be able to stay “on air” throughout.

An additional task was the conception and operation of the ingest-to-post-production workflow. During the 48-hour live series, highlight pieces and contributions to enrich the program could be produced quickly and easily on the NLE editing suites.

If you are interested, here is a link: . After a few seconds you can see how the XR stage “starts” with the help of the Unreal engine.