SAP TechED 2020

The SAP TechED, usually an annual, classic in-house exhibition of the SAP group with visitors and face-to-face discussions, was not physically on site this year (in recent years e.g. in Barcelona, ​​Las Vegas, Berlin …) but virtually carried out.

An impressive VR stage was created in the conference center of Messe Frankfurt, which could simulate various “living spaces” with the help of the Unreal engine and which served as a hub. From there, the Presenter teams held talks with SAP experts and guided through the training program, which lasted 48 hours.

Due to this long transmission time, all positions in production (EVS, image mixing, sound, graphics, unreal engine, direction etc …) were occupied in several shifts in order to be able to stay “on air” throughout.

Our on-site team took care of the installation of the playout and highlight technology as well as the overall administration of the ingest-to-post-production workflow, in which all camera signals in 1080p50 format were continuously and sequentially transferred to Avid post-production via the EVS LivePAM system.

The preparation of feeders in the program as well as the rendering of editorially requested parts in many different codecs and wrappers defined by SAP also fell into our area of ​​responsibility.