Olympic Winter Games 2022

The BNC-Team was asked to take over the system administration of the extensive EVS Setup at the NBC in Mainz, together with the project managers from ARD and ZDF. This is always a great honour and challenge, since this setup, which also features deep integration with the Avid Interplay system, is one of the largest temporary EVS-/Avid-installations in Europe.

A few numbers related to this project:

  • 25 XT3/XT4k/XTVIA Server
  • 19 IPDirector Clients
  • 2 EVS SQL DB Server, redundant
  • 11 XTAccess Transcoding Engines
  • 8 EVS Edit Suits, incl. IPDirector for fast content browsing
  • 4 EVS Highlight Edits
  • 2 EVS Playout Positions
  • 2 EVS LOOP Positions
  • 16 Avid MediaComposer Edit-Suits, Ingest and Playout via EVS-Integration
  • 2 additional control rooms for Biathlon, Ski-jumping etc..
  • 43 VandA Inputs coming from Beijing
  • Some of the VandA’s recorded/transported via SMPTE2110