IEM Major: Katowice 2019

Again this year, BNC GmbH was part of this high-class eSport production, which was held for the third time in Katowice in the Spodek Arena.

Twenty-four participating clans entered the competition to win up to $ 1 million in prize money at the sold-out Spodek Arena.

In order to supply the large amount of stream-users in a fast way with the necessary information and edits/interviews, this year we had 3x EVS XT4K Servers for Slomo playbacks and highlight editing, 2x IPDirector as PAM systems, 1x XFile3 for automated archiving as well a EVS MultiReview system for lightning-fast creation of social media content, in use. In order to quickly supply all available platforms with the appropriate codecs, an EVS Xsquare / XTAccess render farm was also integrated into the setup.