European Championships 2018 in Berlin and Glasgow

The European Championships is a new multi-sport event that brings together the already existing and largest continental European championships every four years. The premiere of this event will take place from 2 to 12 August 2018 in the host cities of Glasgow and Berlin.
While the European Athletics Championships take place in Berlin, the European Championships in Swimming, Cycling, Artistic Gymnastics, Rowing and Triathlon will be held in Glasgow, as well as a new European Team Championship.

The project implementation was done in cooperation with our MediaOnline partners, whose many years of experience in live post production and EVS®-Avid® integration was of great value, especially in the planning phase.

On location in Berlin the following setup was set up and administered by us, mostly BNC equipment was used here:

16x EVS® XT server (XT3 and XT4k)
10x IPDirector® clients
2x fully-redundant IPD and Xsquare® SQL database
8x XTAccess® render engines, optimized via Xsquare® load-balancing

In addition, integration with the Avid® Interplay® LivePAM including Nexis® Storage has been installed. When needed, the signals recorded by the XT servers could be seamlessly streamed into the Avid® environment and processed there in 8 Avid® MediaComposer® suites without time delay, giving the editor a tremendous amount of flexibility as each camera picture created was immediately available in post production. During the streaming automatically assigned metadata ensured that the large amount of material could also be quickly and effectively searched.
The finished edit/piece could be transferred by the editor directly to the EVS®-Playout Server, then – via VARID-Automation – it was automatically integrated into the IPDirector-RunDown-Playlists.

A connection to the ARD / ZDF archive systems was also set up, so that via Xsquare / XTAccess also archive material was available on site.

The editors also had access to four EVS® Highlight Suites, which could generate highlight playlists for the desired sport or create additional “Slomos”. From there, the created playlists could also be sent directly to the Avid® ProTools® audio mix for audio dubbing. In particularly time-critical situations these playlists could also be played out via broadband directly into the live broadcast, including live commentary.

Despite the complex set-up, the installation ran smoothly and successfully supported the editors of NDR in the day-to-day operation of the event.