Euro 2020 – Ingest, Playout, Content Management and Social Media Management

In addition to the installations in the stadiums, we were also responsible for ingest, playout, content management and social media distribution. At the two locations in Munich and Cologne, the various feeds from the stadiums were recorded for both Telekom and ARD and made available to post-production; we also worked closely with the editorial offices to prepare edits for a wide variety of social media platforms. In the case of ARD, planning had been going on since the beginning of 2019 and was resumed at the beginning of 2021 after the EURO was canceled in April 2020. In this way, an impressive EVS installation was created at the WDR site in Cologne, which was able to cover all ingest, playout and file workflows of the EURO. Thanks again to the WDR team for the great cooperation!