Cricket World Cup in England/Wales 2019

The NEP Group hired us to cover the “EVS Guarantee” position for this year’s edition of the Cricket World Cup in England and Wales. The goal was to set up the material in multiple stadiums and to supervise it during the World Cup.

The setup consisted of 6x EVS XT4 / XT4k servers, 8x EVS LSM Connect, 1x EVS Xfile, 1x EVS IPD and a file-based connection to a total of 4 Mac-based Adobe Premiere Pro editing suites.

In addition to the Slomo and Highlight feeds, some of the XT Server player channels were used to create elaborate analysis sequences, which were included in the game breaks by the experts to explain complex moves.

The LSM-Connect systems were used for the allocation of keywords on particularly important clips. These keywords started an automatic workflow which extracted the corresponding clip from the respective XT server and made it available to the Premiere Pro editing suites, including re-wrapping and transcoding if needed. The operators did not have to worry about how and where to send the material, which was a big relief for them as it gave them more time to concentrate on the game.

XFile3 and IPDirector provided streaming backups and content preparation for the use on various online platforms. Similarly, the provision of very extensive archive material – matching the respective game pairing – was covered by both systems, even if the source material was supplied in a variety of codec / wrapper combinations.